Update on ... ... wine

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In London, last week, the British Dental Association warned against the hazards of wine-tasting. Their warning came after examining a wine merchant whose teeth were so eroded by the acid content of the wines he had tasted, that his fillings were protruding. He had tasted an average of 30 wines a day over the past 40 years. Wine buffs are advised to brush their teeth twice a day.

In Singapore, a businessman charged with drunk driving told the court: "I am a habitual drinker and I ask your honour to disqualify me for life as I want to drink and don't want to drive." The judge acceded to his request.

In London, Scotland Yard exposed a confidence trick that caught out a large number of restaurants and hotels early this year. Someone had been sending them bills for dry-cleaning, alleging that food or wine had been spilt on their clothes during the Christmas festivities.

In France, one of the country's largest wine producers announced plans to include label in Braille on all its bottles.