Forty-two years after Derek Bentley was hanged his sister hopes to erect a stone on his grave which describes him as a victim of British justice.

Iris Bentley believes the new Labour administration in Croydon will approve the proposed wording, banned by the former Tory council when put forward by her father, William, who lies in the same unmarked grave in Croydon cemetry.

Bentley was hanged in 1953, after PC Sidney Miles was shot by Christopher Craig, for shouting 'Let him have it'. The trial jury was never told that Bentley had a mental age of 11. There was also contradictory evidence over whether he knew that Craig was armed.

The Home Secretary gave Bentley a conditional pardon last year, but refused to grant a full pardon. Miss Bentley, 62, has been told by Labour councillors that they will help with her request. She hopes to erect the stone on 28 January, the 42nd anniversary of his death.