Lost Highway (18) Polygram, rental, 16 Mar This bewitching picture stylistically straddles pornography, horror and classic film noir, though its story remains utterly intangible. Fred and Renee Madison (Bill Pullman and Patricia Arquette) find a black-and-white videotape containing footage of the outside of their house. A second tape arrives that watches the couple as they sleep and a close-up third observes Renee's brutal murder. Cut to Death Row where a dazed Fred languishes, terrorised by apocalyptic hallucinations. In the morning, the wardens check on him to find that he has been replaced by Peter, and so begins a seemingly different story. With all its Lynchian imprints - the crackling lightbulbs, pregnant silences, scorching colours and bruised sexuality - Lost Highway keeps you guessing for hours after the credits have rolled. HHHH

Photographing Fairies (15) Entertainment, rental, 16 Mar

The ubiquitous Victorian preoccupation with fairies is examined through the lens of Charles Castle (Toby Stephens). Castle's photographical expertise lies in reuniting bereaved parents with their dead sons by pasting old photographs onto family portraits, and he recognises a similar trick in the famous Cottingley fairies case. However, when a vicar's wife approaches him with photographic evidence of a fairy fluttering on her daughter's fingertips he is not so dismissive. Though the fairy apparitions are enticing, Castle's slavish snapping rather dilutes their appeal, as does the lumbering script. Director Nick Willing might have been better off with Peter Pan, where such magic remains unsoured by meddling adults. HHH

Air Force One (15) Warner, rental, 15 Mar

There is plenty of unintentional hilarity in Air Force One, most of which stems from the crashingly stupid one-liners delivered with habitual intensity by Harrison Ford. A group of Kazakhstani terrorists, led by a gleefully evil Gary Oldman (in the role that paid for Nil By Mouth), hijack the eponymous plane and it is up to President Marshall (yes Marshall) to live up to his title and save the day. His glowing patriotism is even realised in the plane's circuitry since, not knowing which wires to snip to empty the fuel tanks, Marshall finds he can only leave the red, white and blue wires intact. Uurgh. HH