The Lost World (PG), CIC, rental, 23 Jan

Spielberg's second saurian instalment makes its predecessor, Jurassic Park, look like a reserved anthropological survey. This one really is scary. Jeff Goldblum travels to the monster-infested isle to steer his palaeontologist girlfriend (Julianne Moore) clear of danger while a psychotic- looking Pete Postlethwaite leads a merry band of bounty-hunters to capture a T-Rex for a San Diego theme park. The digital effects and animatronics are disturbingly realistic - the hordes of Compsognatho swarming their victims, nipping and prodding like Hitchcock's birds, are terrifying. To add to the apocalyptic ambience, most of the action takes place in darkness and in driving rain. There is some commendable trembling, gaping, running and screaming from Moore, Goldblum and the rest, though the cast list, which includes "Screaming Woman" and "Unlucky Bastard", suggests that they are merely vehicles for the real stars, the dinosaurs.


Get On The Bus (15), Columbia, rental, 23 Jan

A gay couple, a delinquent, a Muslim home-boy and a wise old pastor (a commanding Ossie Davis) are just a few of the disparate black men who board a charabanc headed for Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March, a black solidarity rally in Washington. Their disharmony sparks some feisty discussions on issues of white racism, black anti-Semitism and gang warfare, and the bus soon becomes a podium for its passengers' prejudices. Some of these disputes are dealt with movingly, though too many topics are tackled at once - the preaching soon looses its impact as one issue is left unresolved and is abruptly replaced by another. Broader issues regarding the march itself, notably Farrakhan's own homophobia, are completely ignored.


Roseanna's Grave (12), Polygram, rental, 19 Jan

Paul Weiland's picture-postcard comedy follows Jean Reno's endeavours to secure a plot of land in an overcrowded cemetery for his terminally- ill wife, Mercedes. With only three graves left, Reno darts from sunny location to sunny location as he tries to prevent his fellow villagers from popping their clogs. A lively, though over-sentimental script is somewhat diluted by the cod "Eetalian" accents and far too much shrugging.


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