Video review: Rewind

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Tots TV - Big Treasure Adventure (U), Carlton, pounds 9.99 If you can peel your little ankle-biters away from a psychedelic supplications of the Teletubbies then you could do worse than plonk them in front of Tiny, Tom, Furryboo and Tilly. Here they leave their magic house to take to the seas on "The Bounty". HH

The Real Holiday Show - The Magic Moments (right) (15), C4, pounds 10.99 A gaggle of man-eating Midlands ladies take Turkey by storm, a group of school chums go on a club camp and some Take That fans spend a fortnight in Tenerife. Essential viewing for those wanting to know which holidays not to book. HHH

Beauty and the Beast's Enchanted Christmas (U), Buena Vista, pounds 15.99 Revealing a Christmas past where Belle endeavours to warm the Beast's frosty castle with the spirit of goodwill. Featuring all of Beast's little helpers and a show-stopping new character, Forte, brilliantly voiced by Tim Curry. HHHH

Boxing Crazy (E), Carlton, pounds 12.99

This collection of boxing footage draws upon giant egos, knockouts, ring invasions and a boxer who can't find his way to the ring (well, would you?). The subject sustains passing interest but is certainly not worthy of an hour's viewing. H