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The Demon Headmaster (PG), BBC, pounds 9.99 Two feature-length adventures from the school that's governed by a green-eyed megalomaniac, with strange hypnotic powers. It is up to Harvey and Lloyd, the only pupils resistant to his gaze, to foil his dastardly plan to take over the world. One step away from The X-Files. HHHH

Catherine Cookson's The Rag Nymph (12), Focus Entertainment, pounds 10.99 Another bit of Victorian schlock from the Cookson closet, as dependable for a bit of sleaze as any cabinet minister. This one is set against a background of child prostitution as the under-fed Millie discovers that her mother has been stiffed by a pimp. HH

Dallas Reunion: JR's Back! (PG), Warner, pounds 9.99 "And this time he means business", according to the tawdry sleeve. Just when you thought Dallas had safely left your psyche, along with Howard's Way and Kajagoogoo, the Ewings are set to debase the viewing habits of a whole new generation. But don't you just love 'em? HHH

The Untransmittable Lily Savage Show (18), VVL, pounds 14.99

X-rated out-takes, bedroom banter and lavatorial humour make up this disagreeable vanity project. For a show that purports to be shocking, it really is quite dull. I agree with Ms Savage, it is utterly untransmittable. H