Land of the Tiger (E), BBC, pounds 19.99 Naturalist Valmik Thapar provides an enchanting view of wildlife in the Indian subcontinent as he moves from the icy magnitude of the Himalayas, home to the demure snow leopard, to the Sri Lankan forests, presided over by a burgeoning and beautiful tiger population. HHH

Doctor Who - Time Lash (PG) BBC, pounds 11.99 (right) A deranged tyrant, a glove-puppet monster and a tinsel and polystyrene contraption (the time lash) furnish this weak instalment of intergalactic melodrama. Paul Darrow does a fine Richard III impression as the villain while Colin Baker plays the Doctor. HH

Only Fools and Horses - A Royal Flush (PG), BBC, pounds 12.99 First transmitted in 1986, this episode of the sitcom that boasted the highest viewing figures in TV history shows that the younger the Trotters, the more rib- tickling their performances. Nicholas Lyndhurst's put-upon sarcasm reaches great heights. HHHH

The Big Freeze (PG), Game, pounds 9.99 In this classic farce, Eric Sykes plays a local plumber in business with his son (Bob Hoskins). They are suddenly called out to an old people's home where a birthday party is in danger of disaster when all the pipes freeze. HHHH