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Red Dwarf: Series 1 (PG), BBC, pounds 12.99 Around the third series of any comedy show, the maxim "It ain't what it used to be" becomes applicable. Red Dwarf is no exception. What relief, then, to see the digitally dusted edition of Red Dwarf's virgin voyage, first televised 10 years ago. HHHH

Noah's Ark (U), Carlton, pounds 19.99 Anton Rogers plays Noah, head of the family veterinary practice in Worcester. Noah by name etc... He heroically saves furry animals from certain death while giving his wife very little credit for her efforts to keep the business... afloat. HHH

Fun With Pingu (U), BBC, pounds 9.99, (right) Arctic adventures with the Plasticine penguins, Pingu and Pinga, who continue to set high standards for the modern family. Industrious as ever, Pingu delivers mail, rides a bicycle, takes photos and stays up late. Delightful HHHH

Harry Enfield: Undressed (15), VVL, pounds 14.99 The numerous past incarnations of Harry Enfield, including Tim-Nice-But-Dim, Loadsamoney and Mr Cholmondley- Warner, make a nostalgic come-back in this well-observed collection. HHHH