Yes Minister (U), BBC, pounds 10.99, right In this time-honoured early Eighties sitcom, beleaguered civil servant Jim Hacker (the late Paul Eddington) tries to introduce pre-set failure standards into local government projects, while his faithful aide Sir Humphrey - as always - encourages a more devious strategy. HHHH

Millennium: Vols 1 & 2 (15), Fox, pounds 12.99 Another X-Files take-off (when will they stop?) in which Frank Black - former member of the FBI's serial killer unit - is forced to rejoin the team to investigate an underground cult whose teenage disciples are being systematically murdered. H

Fireman Sam - Tales From Pontypandy (U), BBC, pounds 9.99 In this strange collaboration with the Home Office Fire Safety Unit, the feisty fire-fighter continues to rescue residents from misadventure in seven features that seek to provide your troublesome little tots with safety information. HH

England 26 New Zealand 26 (U), Fox, pounds 12.99 An immortalisation of the match where the England under-dogs, led by Lawrence Dallaglio, captured our imagination by terminating the reign of Kiwi juggernaut The All-Blacks at Twickenham in December. HH