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Turbo Power Rangers (PG) Fox, pounds 14.99 A feature-length instalment of the popular children's actioner. Galactic fiend Divatox plans to unleash the evil Maligore on the magical island of Muiranthis. But she still needs to extract the Golden Key from the wizard, Lerigot. HHH

Open All Hours: The Housekeeper Caper (U) BBC, pounds 10.99 Three classic episodes from the enduringly popular comedy. Browbeaten by his boss, Mr Arkwright (Ronnie Barker), Granville (David Jason) seeks solace in the bosom of Nurse Gladys Emmanuel. HHHH

The Politician's Wife (18) C4, pounds 12.99 This award-winning drama sees the ubiquitous Minnie Driver playing temptress to a philandering Government Minister. Juliet Stephenson is his beleaguered wife who must decide whether or not to stand by him. I say dump the bastard. HHHH

Dr Who: Battlefield (PG) BBC pounds 10.99 In this first story from the (sob!) final Dr Who series, Sylvester McCoy is The Doctor. On returning to Earth in the late 1990s, he encounters a spaceship containing the legendary Excalibur, sword of King Arthur. HHH