View from Abroad: Actor John Cryer

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'If you have no money in London you end up eating in McDonald's and it seems surprisingly like America. But this time around, in the city, I'm doing a little better. You know, London doesn't have the greatest reputation for food. But, the thing is, there are plenty of great places. All the Indian restaurants are packed. Maybe that's a good reason to conquer a country, because they might come back and cook for you one day.

'I'm staying in a flat in Kennington. But it's so funny, everyone curls their lip when I tell them. Like 'Ugh]

Kennington . . . ?' Actually, it's lovely. There are tree-lined streets, a park just a block away and a Tube stop real near. I really like it. Sometimes I go into Soho. Last place I hung out in was a real fun crab restaurant in Old Compton St. They had a band playing and you can get really messy and yell a lot which is what I enjoy in life.

'During the day I do a lot of really dumb touristy stuff. In America, we just don't have the sense of history that you do here. I just love being where all this stuff really happened, like in the Tower of London.

'I read a lot. I go to those great bookshops on the Charing Cross Road. There are so many books on so many weird subjects. I think somebody should read them - it might as well be me.

I think there's a wonderful sense of community in London that I guess Londoners don't realise. I'm from New York - we don't even know our neighbours.

Jon Cryer is appearing in '900 Oneonta at the Old Vic, The Cut, Waterloo SE1. Box office: 071-928 7616

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