View from abroad: Jazz vocalist Buddy Greco

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'I love London. It's very special to me. I've been coming here for ever. I even lived here for a while. London is my second home. Fans here are so loyal and have been since I came over at 18 with the Benny Goodman band.

'When I'm in London, I make a point of going to Stringfellows, my favourite club. Peter Stringfellow is a dear, close friend of mine, I've known him for almost 20 years. Stringfellows has great food and ambience. I love the people I see there. Maybe it's because London guys are very handsome and the ladies so pretty. I wish we had clubs like it in the US.

'To me, London also means good clothes. There was a tailor here called Robbie Stanford - I think he was on Conduit Street - and he made suits for Engelbert, Tom and Sinatra and myself during the Seventies and Eighties. Beautifully made suits, the best. Sinatra loved his work. I also had my shirts and shoes made here. The whole wardrobe] The craftmanship. . .

'The downside? The parking drives me nuts: the rules are weird. And the weather can be really brutal, especially since I moved to Las Vegas and became used to a hot climate. But London's a great town.'