View from abroad: Lea De Laria, comedian

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Well, you know, what I knew about London before I came here was straight out of The Avengers. So I was a little disappointed that none of the girls wore miniskirts and guys didn't have bowler hats to throw at me.

I came here for the first time last year, for the Pride rally. That was amazing, but you know, you people smoke like nothing I've ever seen. I was in the middle of a park, for God's sake, and when I got home my clothes smelt of smoke.

I go to the Tate Gallery a lot when I'm in London. I find it amazing that you can have a famous statue in there, no ropes around it, no glass, nothing. You couldn't do that in the States because someone would just spray paint on it or chip the nose off. And I find it really funny the way Londoners put their hands behind their back and sort of lean over to have a deeper look at a painting. That's so genteel, isn't it?

London has a great variety of restaurants, if you like badly boiled vegetables. And what happened to London chips? I want my chips with newspaper print on them.

'London's an international city, a beautiful cosmopolitan place to be. And the girls are just wonderful. Yeah, London girls rule] They are sexy,

gorgeous and stylish with their great little tattoos and pierced noses, I love them.

I'd like to live here, definitely. It's like my second home anyway now. And, of course, with Wimbledon, we have the lesbian capital here, so it would be perfect. We're going to miss Martina you know.'

Lea De Laria is at the Apollo Theatre in her new show 'Queer Brat' tonight and tomorrow. Box Office 071-494 5070.

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