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THINK MIME, think Marcel Marceau or, even worse, physical theatre. But hang on a second, let those scales drop from your eyes, because a lot has changed in the world of visual theatre over the past few years, and this year's London Mime Festival, now in its 20th year, has one of the most exciting line-ups for ages.

With around 16 events, plus workshops and seminars, the1998 event is smaller, yet embraces a diverse range of styles - from the Russian anti-clowns, Derevo, who open the festival, to Told by an Idiot's interpretation of Moliere at BAC (right), and Spain's La Ribot, who is described as a cross between Cindy Sherman and Pina Bausch. And forget the sound of silence, many of the performances have plenty to say for themselves.

The age of Marceau may be long gone, but one of this year's events is likely to leave you pale-faced. American Dennis Severs is inviting punters into his home in Spitalfields to "put flesh on the bones of the past". Spooky.

London International Mime Festival, today to 25 January at venues around London. Info: 0171-637 5661