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The rain of the past few days may be the price we are paying for all that nice October weather.

There were 53mm (more than 2in) of rain falling in Herstmonceux, East Sussex, in 36 hours from Sunday night to Tuesday morning - which is as much as would normally be expected in three weeks. In Kent the rivers Rother, Medway and Beult were put on yellow flood alert, which is the lowest grade of flood warning. The River Cuckmere in Easy Sussex was on amber alert, the next grade up.

The downpours seem to be a consequence of the good weather in October, which left the waters of the English Channel warmer than usual. The storms that were hitting Spain and France last week have been refuelled by their Channel crossing, in terms of both energy and rain-content.

Low pressure, falling lower, and a southerly wind typically lead to storms. It's all that wet air blowing in over the Channel. When the pressure is rising, however, as it was yesterday, the weather tends to improve - in a rather unsettled way.

The low pressure area that has been over the country for the last few days is now drifting off to the north, so the south and east should be drier, clearer and colder. But there's another low coming in over the Atlantic which will probably bring rain to the west.