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A cut-out-and-keep glossary of terms used in the weather forecast (with thanks to the Met Office).

Sunny: Sunshine most of the time.

Sunny periods: More sunshine than cloud, generally shining for an hour or two at a time.

Sunny intervals: Intermittent sunshine for a total of less than half the day.

Bright: Generally cloudy, with cloud thin enough for shadows to form.

Shower: A brief precipitation.

Rain: A period of rain lasting more than two hours.

Scattered showers: A small number of showers likely that day.

Frequent showers: Showers occurring at a rate of about one an hour.

Dry: No rain or showers.

Mainly dry: Light and very infrequent showers.

Changeable: When several spells of cloud and rain are expected during a specified period.

Fog: Visibility less than 180m.

Very mild: Winter temperatures 6 degrees Celsius or more above the seasonal average.

Mild: Winter temperatures 3-5 degrees above the seasonal average.

Cold: Temperatures 3-5 degrees below the seasonal average.

Very cold: 6 degrees or more below the seasonal average.

Hot: In summer, 6 degrees or more above the seasonal average.

Very warm: In summer, 4-5 degrees above seasonal average.

Warm: In summer, 2-3 degrees above the seasonal average.