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The secondary effects of El Nino are beginning to be felt around the world.

Kenya: Houses were submerged by torrential rain in Nairobi at the end of last week. Emergency water transport gangs have been ferrying residents across flooded roads on their backs or in makeshift canoes. many bridges have been washed away, and landslides have blocked roads. Damage to roads has already been estimated at more than pounds 10m. The unusually high rains have been blamed on El Nino.

Tokyo: One person died and more than 500 were injured in exceptionally heavy snow in Tokyo last week. One one evening alone, 1,547 trains were cancelled and more than 2 million commuters left stranded.

Peru: Five people were missing, feared killed, after a mudslide buried a small Peruvian town after days of heavy rain attributed to El Nino. Fearing such a disaster, the 2,600 inhabitants had left their houses before a mountain lake burst to cause the mudslide. The mayor, Calixto Sanchez, said Santa Teresa "has practically disappeared, has been wiped off the map".

Papua: Fourteen infants have died on a remote Papua New Guinea island, from diarrhoea brought on by the El Nino-related drought. "It's the worst tragedy of the drought in the whole of Papua New Guinea," said a local health inspector.