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More cold news from around the world.


The cold weather in Russia claimed at least 16 more lives on Tuesday night, with temperatures down to 35 degrees below zero in some places. The temperature in Moscow rose to minus 10. Additional heating devices have been installed at Moscow Zoo, though zoo officials denied a newspaper report that they have been giving the elephants shots of vodka as anti- freeze.


"Seven dead people were collected from the streets and brought to our institute on Tuesday," the head of Bucharest's Forensic Institute said yesterday. "We expect the number of dead to rise in the coming days because of the bad weather." Temperatures sank to -20C in some parts, with no improvement expected until the end of the week.


Fifteen people have died from the cold in Poland as temperatures dropped to -20C. "The victims are mainly homeless ... and those who drank too much alcohol," a police spokesman said.


Major roads have now been re-opened after major disruptions on Tuesday caused by snow. Now, however, there are warnings of wind and heavy rain and risk of flooding.