Weather disasters of last week from around the world:


One minute's silence was observed in Vietnam on Thursday in memory of the victims of Typhoon Linda. With 3,000 people missing, and bodies still being regularly washed up on shores, the death toll so far has been put at 587. Washington contributed $636,000 in disaster relief aid, the largest sum given to the country since the end of the Vietnam war.


A woman in Lauro, southern Italy, was carried off and killed early on Friday morning by a mudslide after opening the door of her home when she saw mud seeping underneath it Her body was found 200 yards down the road under a wrecked car that had also been carried off by the mud.


Another item has been added to the list of damage caused by El Nino: the sea turtles that usually hatch on the beach at La Flor, Nicaragua. Despite the fact that more adult turtles than ever before - some 29,000 - laid eggs this year, the drought caused by El Nino has led to tens of thousands of eggs not maturing properly.


In addition to forest fires and drought, Indonesia now faces new threats from food shortages and malaria. At least 430 people have died, according to a disaster official.