Funny site: If you want to put a little laughter into your life, try Comedy Central Online ( Comedy Central is a US cable television channel, but the fact that you can't tune it in on your telly doesn't prohibit you from getting a few good guffaws from this site. For example, you can undergo e-therapy with Dr Katz, simply by answering a few questions about yourself (they even provide a choice of answers). Just click your way through a questionnaire and you'll be provided with instant psychoanalysis. Or you can pretend that you're a failed candidate in the US presidential election and compose your concession speech. Perhaps the best laughs of all are found at the "Web Sites We'd Like to See" section, which includes the "Michael Jackson Collapse Home Page" and the "Madonna Biological Clock Countdown Home Page".

Slam-dunk site: If the idea of seeing lots of very large Americans jumping up and down, sweating profusely and dribbling all over the floor appeals to you, you'll definitely want to visit the official National Basketball Association site ( You can catch up on all the latest news from the NBA, find out how many points Michael Jordan scored last night, cast your vote in the Player of the Month poll, e-mail questions to top players and watch video highlights of the the best plays of the week. The global game section carries round-ups from European leagues, including England's own Budweiser league, as well as coverage of the European Championships. And if you're new to the game and don't know a reverse lay-up from a fall-away jumper, the fanfare section provides a comprehensive introduction.

Science site: If you're more interested in very small life forms, close one eye and take a look through Micscape ( This monthly electronic magazine is bursting with useful information about microscopy, whether you're a hobbyist, a student, a teacher or a research scientist. You can read articles about amoebas and view photos of paramecium, browse the Brunel Catalogue of Microscopes and Accessories, download Micscape movies along with a free player, or check out the latest microscope-related software. There are also links to other microscopy sites and organisations. It really is a small world.

Music sites: If you like to hang out in smoky clubs listening to a sweet sax, book a table near the front at Interplay ( model/jazz/jazz.htm), a Web site for jazz buffs. It contains the latest news from the UK jazz scene, reviews of recent performances and recordings, a selection of key jazz artists of the modern era, with details of available recordings, a brief history and even a definition of jazz. There is a section where musicians can present information about their music and upcoming performances and recordings, as well as links to other jazz sites on the Web.

Drinking site: If you don't have time to get down to the off-licence but could really do with a drink, the Wine Cellar ( site has the answer. You can browse among the bottles using the latest Quicktime VR software, choosing from their selection of wines, beers, whiskies and ciders. You can then e-mail your order and sit back and wait for your cork to pop. There is also a magazine featuring recipes so you won't have to drink on an empty stomach.

Beautiful site: If you don't fancy queuing for hours in the freezing cold and paying seven quid to see the new Cezanne exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London, you might instead like to view the artist's works on display at the Web Museum ( This excellent site allows you to view dozens of paintings and provides biographical information and detailed critical assessments of each work.

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