A round-up of this week's household and environmentally friendly products.


Peter Alwin was announced the winner of the Electrolux Design Lab competition. Mr. Alwin from the National Institute of Design India won the competition with his portable heating device, The Snail. The device can be attached to containers such as plates, mugs, or pans and can heat the contents within using a sugar crystal battery, The Snail is intended to reduce the domestic space occupied by conventional cooking apparatus.

German appliance firm Miele launched a new line of energy saving cooker hoods. The new DA 6390 could reduce energy consumption by up to 70 percent when compared with conventional appliances.

Independent environmental solutions company UL Environment awarded their first ever 'Environmental Claims Validation' (ECV) to the Belkin Conserve AV. The Smart AV multi-plug socket detects when an appliance such as a TV is turned off and automatically shuts down up to five connected devices such as a DVD player or a stereo.

The latest innovations in the field of eco-friendly seating were presented at the London Design Festival. The seating solutions  from design companies such as James, Bernini & Macri or Zaaf all used environmentally responsible products or were manufactured in an eco-friendly way.   

For the first time eco-conscious designs exhibited at London Fashion Week are available for consumers to buy online. The full range of clothing, shoes and accessories from over 30 Estethica designers are available from http://www.yoox.com/yooxygen/department/dept/estethica#section=designer&subsection=2