Well hung and highly desirable

Off the wall Take down your paintings: these slim and sleek products are modern masterpieces. Photograph by Phil Ward
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he expression state-of-the-art could

easily be applied to any of these

gadgets, which is lucky considering they are designed to be hung on the wall. Prices fall somewhere between Athena poster and Cork Street original, dimensions are barely thicker than a picture frame and the results are arguably more attractive. You'll soon get the hang of it.

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Ouverture

Elegance and technology combine in the hi-fi that puts everything on show, allowing you to watch your CDs spin and tapes turn. It's sleek and chic, and fun - a wave of the hand opens the glass doors. Despite its modest size (W32cm x H36cm x D16cm) the unit contains two power amplifiers that make a big sound.

BeoSound Ouverture, pounds 1,250. For information, contact Bang & Olufsen on 0118 969 22 88.

Mission X-Space

A taste of the future from a British company. These speakers use the revolutionary NXT flat-panel technology which does away with the traditional fluttering cone in a wooden box. The X-Space produces 30 watts per channel by vibrating thin panels. Not only are these super-slim, but they project evenly so the sound quality is the same no matter where you are listening in the room. Mission X-Space system (including speakers, subwoofer with amplifier), pounds 500. For further information, and availability, contact Mission on 01480 451777.

Thomson Wysius Flat-Screen Television

The reinvention of the television, abandoning bulky tubes in favour of plasma technology, which uses gases to produce a clear and undistorted picture. This is the flattest and thinnest screen ever - the whole unit is only 9.6cm thick. Future developments will mean the screen can be split allowing TV, video games and e-mail all to be accessed at once. Wysius TV, pounds 11,500; complete home-cinema system, pounds 13,500. To order and for further information, contact Thomson on 0181-344 4413.

Infinity Mirror

We know that mirrors are often found on the wall but the Infinity Mirror is a little different. It's a normal mirror until you switch on the light, then - wow ... you have an effect that's as groovy as an early Eighties video, with an infinite tunnel look. Impress your friends and tell them it's an installation.Infinity Mirror, pounds 350. For mail order, contact Minx Design, 0171-289 5621.

Philips Elegance 66 Answerphone

The great thing about this device is that it lets you record your own ringing tone - it can be any sound, message or sample. There's also digital recording (so no messing with tapes), date stamp and a remote control facility.

Philips Elegance 66, pounds 34.99. Philips Consumer Communications helpline 0645 28 28 28.

Martin Skegg and Michael Oliviera-Salac