West End gallery provides nursery for contemporary Chinese artists

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Work by contemporary Chinese artists, some never seen before in Europe, is being shown in a series of solo exhibitions at the new Phinn's Gallery in the West End.

The gallery, purchased by artist Anton Phinn (right), whose Hong Kong-based Mainland Arts Investment Company Ltd nurtures new talent from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

In accordance with Chinese hospitality, a cup of tea is offered to visitors.

On show now is the work of 38-year-old Chinese artist, Goa Ke from China's Nanjing province. Entitled The World of Goa Ke, it is comprised of a series of modern nudes in ink and colours. It runs until 13 August. The pieces form an erotic depiction of semi-clad women in quaint living quarters or in rural China.

Described as 'very affordable by the magazine, Art Review, the pieces so far shown in the gallery have been priced from pounds 300 to pounds 3,000.

Lorna Wong, manager of the gallery, said: 'This is a unique experience. Some artists have toured Europe, but this is the first time they have been able to exhibit their work solo.

I have even spoken to artists from New York, who say there is nowhere comparable there in terms of the amount of work on show.

First to exhibit at the gallery - which has been open for a month - was Chinese artist Tang Guo, whose work is now on show at the gallery's branch which has just opened in Richmond, Surrey.

A third exhibition will feature the work of Xie Heng-Xing, from Tsing Hai University, in Tsing Hai province.

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