Sally Morrison, age 10, from Stoke.

"I went and stayed at my friend Sam's house. She is my best friend at school. We went to the fair with her mum one night and she let us go on this ride called the Waltzer where you spin round and round and there was a man who kept on pushing you faster and faster. That was great. Then we went on the Dodgem. But Sam was the driver and she wasn't really much good. We had hotdogs but Sam's mum said we couldn't have any candyfloss because it was made of rubbish. My mum usually lets me have it. We went on another ride but I'm not sure what it was called. It went backwards and forwards and in between it stopped, up in the air. I enjoyed it but it was a bit scary and I felt a bit sick. Next time I want me and Sam to go on our own."

Interview by

Decca Aitkenhead