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Robert Hewson, 24, PA

"I don't buy any of them, although I do usually flick through a Loaded or a Maxim or something if a friend has them lying around. Magazines just aren't something I spend my money on, but these are quite a good laugh."

Nigel Tranter, 35, works in advertising

"I've read GQ and Esquire for a long time, but then they've been around for a long time. But I like the newer ones, too: Loaded is a guilty pleasure. It doesn't want to be respectable, and I like that - it's refreshing."

Keith Edge, 30, construction worker

"They don't interest me at all. I don't have the time to sit about reading magazines. I buy my paper every day and that's it."

John Heath, 23, musician

"I get Maxim every month, and sometimes Loaded or FHM. I read them to while away long bus or train journeys. I think it's really good that magazines are finally catering for men after all these years, though I do still read my girlfriend's mags."

Adam Byrne, 23, trainee accountant

"They're good fun, especially Loaded. The writing's always funny, and I like the unsavoury stories it goes in for. And then there's the half- naked women, of course. But there's nothing wrong with that - Cosmopolitan had naked men in it a few months ago, didn't it?"

Ben Parfrey, 26, market analyst

"They're the kind of thing I tend to buy if there's a personality I'm interested in on the front cover. Otherwise, I don't tend to bother. I'm not really into the whole new lad thing: I'll just go for whatever guarantees me a good read."