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Donkey Kong is a gorilla; evil creatures called Kremlings have stolen his hoard of bananas. The aim of the game is to get them back. The player must guide Donkey Kong across the screen using a joystick, through a mass of obstacles and booby traps set by the Kremlings. As the game progresses, Donkey Kong moves into new areas, known as "worlds", each with different scenery and obstacles. There are 101 worlds.

Donkey Kong revolutionised computer games. The character was the first to look like a 3D puppet rather than a flat cartoon cut-out. He can rotate 360 degrees, and interact with scenery, known as "graphical interfacing".

"It's a massive game, it's sprawling with levels and all kinds of things. It's also interactive with the scenery - it's not like the scenery is just there as background. It's also very difficult. It's very long and it's different every time. It's a humungously big game." Nikolae Segura, 14, from Glasgow

"It's got really good graphics. And it's good because it's quite hard but not too hard. The background is eye-catching but it doesn't disturb you, and the foreground is just amazing. It really sticks out." Ben Innes, 12, from Birmingham

"The graphics are the best ever - they are absolutely incredible. This is the only game that looks really realistic. The other good thing about it is there are two objectives on it: one, to complete the game, but also to find all the secret worlds." William Evans, 11, from London