What will the bathroom of 2011 be like?

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The bathroom of 2011 will be simple and designed to accommodate the needs of people of all ages according to the organizers of ISH 2011.


ISH is an annual trade show centered on all aspects of bathroom design, building and technology. ISH 2011 will be held in Frankfurt, Germany, March 15-19, 2011 and is expected to attract 2,400 exhibitors from around the world.

In a November 3 press release the organizers of the fair, Messe Frankfurt, outlined what they predict to be next year's key trends in bathroom design. According to the organizers the main consideration in bathroom design will be practicality and ease of use for those with mobility problems, the elderly and children.

Based on the idea that ease of use of the bathroom will be the deciding factor in whether elderly people choose to remain in their homes the bathroom of the future will be easy to use, simplistic and highly functional. This ease of use is likely to come in the form of products such as a walk-in shower, a wellness tub, large comfortable seating areas and slip resistant flooring.

As well as benefiting the elderly or those with mobility problems, bathroom solutions such as these are likely to appeal to homeowners with children who want a greater peace of mind when their child uses the bathroom.

The recent Grand Designs trade show which was held in Birmingham from October 8-10 also featured bathroom products of the future, including the HiQu digital shower by Aqua Lisa. The incorporation of LED displays and touch screen controls in the shower gives greater freedom of use to those who may lack the necessary strength to operate the manual controls of a conventional shower.