There were a bunch of questions that women were dying to ask / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Do penises float?

From the protocol on hugging, to knowing if your partner is happy – men have answered the niggling questions that women have about them.

A thread on a the AskMen section of Reddit invited users to answer the question: “Women of ask men, being honest, what do you want to know about men?”

The top-rated question was posed by a woman who asked: “Are you aware that you have a bulge and do you know that I'm looking at it?”

“That's what cleavage is like for guys, but even more in your face,” responded one man.

Another user asked whether guys mind being hugged by female friends.

“I love hugging but my girl-friends aren't into it, so I was thinking of hugging one of my guy friends because I like to hug. I wonder how he would react. Strange?”

One responded: “I personally love it, but I'm sure some don't. I'm like you. Hugs are great."

Another said: "It depends on the friend, and the circumstances."

Others tackled dating etiquette, with one user wondering if men like being approached by women.

“I just wanna go up to an attractive guy and tell him he looks good. But I'm embarrassed. I don't do it because I feel like I have no chance before I even do something..." she wrote.

But she was assured that men "always always always" flag the same worry.

“Look at this like this: 1) You never approach a guy, so you're shooting your own foot 100% of the time, 2) you try approaching a guy, it doesn't always work... but when it does... WHOOPIE!”

One woman asked how to be certain if a partner is happy, explaining: “Sometimes I can't tell if hes unhappy or if i have anxiety issues."

She was told: "Sit down with him and talk about it. Don't keep guessing. Honesty is the best policy."

However, one person said that trust is also important: "If he says he's happy you have to trust him. Relationships need communication AND trust."

One asked whether there was some kind of magic trick which meant men always knew the right direction to take.

But one man responded bluntly: "I pay attention."

A woman asked why some men don't pursue women even when they're interested in them.

The response was straight to the point, blaming it on "shyness, social awkwardness, fear of rejection".

Perhaps one of the most bizarre questions was "do penises float".

One man responded: "Just a second ... yes."