What wood Fashion for Home do?


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FASHION FOR HOME is an international furniture company that is closing the ever widening gap between affordability and beautiful home design.

Based in Berlin, one of Europe’s most prominent hubs of creativity and modern design, it’s no wonder that FASHION FOR HOME places such importance on the well-crafted and high-quality nature of its products.  In addition to selling in Germany, FASHION FOR HOME also delivers to the UK, the USA, Austria and the Netherlands completely free of charge.  With over 40 international designers, the pure variety of styles and lines offered is astounding and one reason for the mounting popularity of this brand across all five countries.

As the UK begins to usher out this year’s British summer, with the excitement of the Queen’s Jubilee and one of Team GB’s best Olympic performances behind us, it is the perfect opportunity to welcome autumn; the feeling of being snug and warm inside once again triumphing over venturing outdoors. Cosy woods are taking the lead in this autumn’s interior design trends and FASHION FOR HOME’s offerings are particularly noteworthy. Their exquisite collection of wooden farmhouse dining tables such as the Bruce and David models provide a striking contrast to other lines, such as the more romantic Finement collection or the delightfully contemporary contours of Studio Copenhagen’s wooden pieces. In essence, there is something for everyone.

One of the most outstanding lines is FASHION FOR HOME’s  Shipwood collection. This range includes sideboards, cabinets, chairs and benches, and is simply unique. Created by designer Logan Komorowski with reclaimed Douglas fir and teak wood from boats as old as the early 20 century Qing Dynasty, each piece of furniture comes with a plaque stating the age of the boat and the river it sailed on. While Komorowski‘s range has all the slender, clean lines and polish of its contemporary counterparts, it also possesses the mystique and charm of an antique.

FASHION FOR HOME works alongside recognized international designers such as Tobias Jacobsen, Karsten Weigel and 365° North’s Henrik Pedersen to ensure they have a range of original pieces.   However, the company still manages to maintain incredible value for its customers thanks to their make-to-order business model. The manufacturing process for each product is only begun once the order has been placed, eliminating middle men and storage costs and lowering expenditure for both the company and its customers. Value aside, this individual crafting of each product also ensures an end product that is made with the greatest care and to the highest quality, for every individual customer.

For more inspiring design, go to FASHION FOR HOME’s UK e-shop.