22-24 April, Moors' and Christians' Festival, Alicante. This two-day celebration is dedicated to two of the diverse cultural groups that contribute to Spanish culture. Although there are similar festivals around the country during the year, Alicante's parties and rituals are most vibrant and attract hordes of revellers


24-27 April, Jersey Jazz Festival. This internationally acclaimed music showcase features top-notch entertainers from around the globe. Performers include jazz artists from America, Britain and all over Europe, with headliners Jazz West Coast playing their only British concert of the year. Various venues host concerts all day and well into the night. Call 01534 617 521 for information and tickets.


25 April, Literary Shock Troop Tour, Thessaloniki. The "shock troops" that fill of the streets of Thessaloniki, named as the European Union's Cultural Capital of Europe for 1997, are committed to educating and stimulating passers-by with the written word. Street readings and performances will be held on every corner and aboard public transport. Books, articles and clippings will be passed out all day by a van touring the city painted with lines of poetry in hundreds of languages.


25-27 April, Taste of Ventura. Californian vineyards open their doors as the summer wine tasting season begins. Wine lovers from around the world travel to the Napa Valley to explore the region's vast selection of grapes and wine and this weekend festival is a celebrated starting point. Special accommodation is offered along with food and wine samples from many vineyards and restaurants. Call 011 805 985 4852 for details.


27 April, Freedom Day. This nation held its first democratic elections on this day three years ago. Since then, Freedom Day has become the most important public holiday in the country, symbolising unity, equality and political freedom after years of unrest.


27 April - 5 May, Congaline Street Festival. The self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Street Party" lights up the village of Congaline. The village centre hosts free exhibitions and performances and daily contests. Stands overflow with local food and drinks to tempt party-goers.


27 April - 5 May, Antigua Sailing Week. The pristine waters of the Caribbean play host to one of the region's most celebrated aquatic festivals. Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, Sailing Week boasts boat and yacht races, exhibitions and workshops that attract premier athletes and fun-loving visitors for seven days of sport, sun, concerts and street festivals. Call 0171 386 9511 for details.


April 23. The day of the patron saint of England is little celebrated these days, since it ceased to be a holiday in the 1960s. Those who still care however, will recall that Saint George was arrested and executed for his open profession of Christianity in 303AD. His cult was transported to England from the Middle East by Crusaders.