Where shall we meet?: Corney & Barrow Bar, the Broadgate Centre

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The Broadgate Centre, as the patina of newness rubs off, is emerging as one of the pleasanter of the City's glass-and-hubris developments. This representative of the Corney and Barrow chain of wine bars hangs in a Babylonian garden above the main thoroughfare from Moorgate to Liverpool Street station and accompanies the copious bottles of fizz and plonk it sells with generous-sized bowls of salted things that make you want to drink more.

Allow, however, a good five minutes for finding your date on arrival, as it's both long and narrow and, generally speaking, crammed to the steel rafters with the type of person who makes way for no one.

Corney & Barrow, 19 Broadgate Circle, EC2 (071-628 1251).

Tomorrow: Bar Gansa, Camden.

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