This grunge bar on the way to Wandsworth has the dubious distinction of being more easily seen in the daytime than at night; its rather garish frontage fades at dusk. The interior, hung with bits of 'art' of the sling-a-frame-in-front-of-something-painted-on-the-wall variety, is inhabited by the less coiffed of south London's beautiful people, preening their beards and having those intense conversations that only beautiful people can get away with. The garden has a table that would do well in a college dining hall and plenty of little nooks where you can gaze in a glazed sort of way at the stars. Open late.

Fungus Mungus, 264 Battersea Park Rd SW11 (071-924 5578).

Tomorrow: The Bleeding Heart, Bleeding Heart Sq EC1.

(Photograph omitted)