You'll get a good pizza at Pucci's: none of that heavy-doughed animal fat you find in the chains further towards Sloane Square.

There is, however, a danger at night that you will share the basement with minor celebs from other decades who will be trying rather sadly to attract attention to themselves. This, of course, can be quite a jolly spectator sport.

The ground floor and the tables on the pavement retain a slight redolence of the kinky boots and white lipstick that brought the King's Road its glory, and the (virtually) non-anglophone waiters are charming.

Open 10am-1am; you can eat, with a couple of glasses of plonk, for about a tenner.

Pucci Pizza, 205 King's Road SW3 (071-352 2134)

Tomorrow: The Lido Restaurant, Hyde Park, W2

(Photograph omitted)