The Brixton Brasserie is the sort of ideal world you see in the movies but not much in real life, a place where staff and customers

comprise an equal racial and sexual mix and

everyone's just getting on with having a nice time. In fact there's nothing much in terms of cultural

imperialism here at all: food is a mixture of Caribbean (jerk chicken with rice and peas pounds 6.95) and Cleethorpes (baskets of fried seafood pounds 3.95 small, pounds 6.95 large). It's loud and private at the same time, tables

generously spaced, staff speedy but not cloyingly friendly. If you don't want to eat you can toy with a plate of fried plantain at pounds 1.50 and watch the world go by. Close to the Brixton Academy if you want to get down later.

The Brixton Brasserie, 30 Acre Lane SW2 (071-326 5225)