A week of hotel bars for the exhausted big sale shopper. . .

Everyone's always very rude about the Chukka Bar. The pub carpet, polo mallets and bogus trophies might have something to do with it. But the sofas are comfortable and the view impressive. Broadcasting House can be seen inside as well as out - the relaxed atmosphere is heady with the aroma of faceless celebrity given off by people who are Big in Radio. Perfect for planning your assault on the John Lewis sale (starting tomorrow) or collapsing with your purchases. Big parcels can be left with the concierge. Drinks come with crisps and Bombay nuts. The olives are free but that's only because no one in their right mind would pay for them.

Expensive by pub standards (double gin and tonic pounds 4.95, Perrier pounds 2.15, smoked salmon sandwich pounds 6.50) but who wants to fight their way into a pub with two double duvets?

The Chukka Bar, Langham Hilton, 1 Portland Place W1 (071-636 1000).

Tomorrow: The Chelsea Hotel, Sloane Street SW1.

(Photograph omitted)