If you're scared of missing each other in the crowds outside the Lawn Tennis Club, take your walking shoes. Wimbledon isn't short of places to meet: it's just that none of them is less than 10 minutes away. This cavernous pub looks terrifying if you go in through the door by the television, where men hug their pints and gaze at sport, and delightful if you enter via the other. It has bare boards, panelling, a small area of settles and a lot of tables, including several outside on the pavement. Food is cheap and the puddings have a nursery feel. They also, weirdly enough, sell rolling tobacco behind the bar.

The Dog & Fox, Wimbledon High St SW19 (081-946. 6565).

Tomorrow: Suzelle Patisserie, Replingham Rd SW18.

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Where shall we meet?

The Dog & Fox