Where shall we meet?: The Orange Brewery SW1

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The Orange Brewery brings together the two sides of London: although it is in the centre of one of its richest residential areas, only about half the clientele will be wearing suits. The great appeal, to those who care about such things, is that they brew their own beer, which includes SW1 (pounds 1.90) named after their own postal district; SW2, presumably on the assumption that tourists don't know where Brixton is; and the nutty Pimlico Porter. Speedy movers can colonise the few sofas, otherwise it is a scrum for bar stools or a place at the tables outside. There's also a great pinball machine. The pub is easily reached: it's a mere three-minute walk from Victoria coach station.

The Orange Brewery 37 Pimlico Road SW1 (071-730 5984)

Tomorrow: Uxbridge Arms, Uxbridge Street W8

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