Where shall we meet?: The Piccadilly W1

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Bliss. Upstairs at the Piccadilly is one of the best places to eat near Theatreland. They've been there years - the sign on the outside still proclaims the place to be the Little Cottage - and their beams-and-chianti-bottle decor is much beloved by their droves of regulars. Their chicken wings with roasted peppers on the side are the kind of starter that make your friend who ordered something sensible weep with jealousy, but the quantities are such that you can offer them around with total insouciance. Be sure to spill crumbs on the tablecloth, because then a nice man will come along between courses with a hand-held 'hoover' and clean them up.

The Piccadilly, 31 Great Windmill St W1 (071-734 4956)

Tomorrow: The National Gallery WC2

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