Sites From the Lunatic Fringe is dedicated to the debunking of the growing number of sites set up by wacko conspiracists. But these aren't sites of the relatively innocuous Diana variety - "The driver was hypnotised by Princess Anne, who was scared of losing publicity" - these are the really scary ones, everything from white supremacists to backwoods militiamen. The site is designed in the style of a lunatic asylum, with "patient" sites being evaluated before going on to either out-patients ("fairly harmless, though they bear watching"), in-patients ("intensive therapy") or the criminally insane wing ("dangers to themselves and society, they rest securely in their padded cells under maximum security"). In the latter category, we find a heavily sedated Patriots for a Constitutional America, which has links to articles such as "Clinton and Gang all Communists! Want PROOF? Click Here!" and "Missouri in the grip of Marxism". More disturbing is the God Hates Fags home page which hails from a church in Topeka, Kansas. This includes the claim that "the average yearly income of homosexuals is almost twice the general population's and they are three times as likely to hold professional/managerial positions". Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

A related Turn Left site has an interactive Make Your Own Conspiracy. Here's some of what I ended up with: "In order to understand post-modernism you need to realise that everything is controlled by a conspiracy made up of Filipinos with help from transsexuals. The conspiracy first started during the Battle of Britain in Sheffield. They have been responsible for many events throughout history, including the birth of Jesus ... " And it's all true, because the voices in my head told me so. Jonathan Dyson

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