Which are the right jeans? (Clue: they're blue, with two legs)

Sales of Levis are falling and 501s have even been called - aagh! - middle-aged. So, what jeans are okay, then, and how can we tell? Imogen Fox asks the experts
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Levi 501

Zoe Brown, Real Life's stylist: 'I like the denim - it's a dark colour but the fabric isn't too stiff. The button-fly is good, too. Who says Levis are middle-aged? (Unless you class 30 as middle-aged.)'

Simon Robins, Dazed & Confused: 'These are a classic, like Coca-Cola.' 7/10

Button-fly for men, around pounds 56. Enquiries: 01604 790436

Helmut Lang

Zoe: 'I wouldn't wear turn-ups in a million years - I detest them. They're for clumsy people who drop five pence pieces and the turn ups catch them.'

Simon: 'They're a cliche, they stereotype people. We all know a certain type of person who wears them. Turn-ups only look good when they're cut off.' 4/10

Indigo turn ups for women, pounds 80. Enquiries: 0171 629 0666

Wrangler Texas

Zoe: 'Whether jeans are stylish or not has a lot to do with the type of denim. I don't like this denim, it reminds me of stonewashed. Still, they're well priced.'

Simon: 'The prices of indigo denim are a bit ridiculous now, I think things will go the other way - faded jeans, ripped even - will come back.' 5/10

Zip-fly for men, pounds 37.99. Enquiries: 0115 9655000

Evisu logo jeans

Zoe: 'You're paying for the seagull painted on your bum. The two-coloured stitching is good and they look much better if you don't turn them up.'

Simon: 'They're a bit boring now because you see them on so many people. They're very brand-oriented - like trainers. I wouldn't pay that much.' 3/10

Painted logo, unisex, pounds 110. Enquiries: 0171 734 9222

Pepe miner pants

Zoe: 'This is just jumping on the bandwagon - the stitching is the same as Evisu and they're in the same price range, which is too expensive. They're much too deep in the crotch.'

Simon: 'Why not cash in, lots of people want selvage denim. Pepe used to be cheaper when I was at school though.' 2/10

Japanese selvage denim, unisex, pounds 95. Enquiries: 0171 836 8666

Diesel whizzer

Zoe: 'I think of Diesel as more of a fashion jean. In general, Diesel jeans tend to be a really good fit for women. I like the shape of these with their tapered leg.'

Simon: 'The price is reasonable. Tight jeans can be quite sexy on women - worn with stilettoes.' 7/10

'Whizzer' for women, from pounds 55. Enquiries: 0171 497 5543

Gap boot cut

Zoe: 'I don't like the faded effect and they're too flopsy. The crotch-depth is good, but I wouldn't buy jeans from Gap."

Simon: 'I'm not sure about jeans that aren't made by jeans companies. Gap is good for basics though and a little kick in the leg is very flattering on women.' 5/10

Boot cut for women, pounds 48. Enquiries: 0800 427789

Lee 101Zs

Zoe: 'The colour of the denim is good and I like the unwashed effect. They're quite a simple shape with a nice parallel leg and not too wide at the top.'

Simon: 'I had a pair of Lee vintage stock five years ago and they were my favourites. Lee jeans are a good price and a good fit.' 6/10

Parallel leg for men, from pounds 51.99. Enquiries: 01159 656565