Which induction and 2-in-1 ovens are the best?

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On October 5 independent UK-based consumer watchdog Which? released the results of tests the company carried out on induction and 2-in 1 ovens.

The company tested a large number of induction and 2-in-1 ovens from brands including AEG-Electrolux, Samsung, Hotpoint, Indesit, Siemens and Whirlpool.

The Belling BI60i was judged to be the best induction oven. In a statement on the Which? website expert Matt Stevens said "we haven't seen induction being used inside ovens before, so this is a really exciting innovation from Belling."

As opposed to other methods of cooking in which the whole cooking surface heats up, induction ovens heat only the pan by creating a magnetic field between the pan and an element underneath it. This is a more energy-efficient means of cooking, however when using an induction oven iron-based pots and pans are required. The Belling BI60i retails for around €460.

Samsung's BQ1S6T077 was judged by Which? to be the best '2-in-1' oven. The appliance is essentially a single oven with a divider meaning that two separate cooking areas can be created making it a double oven. The Samsung BQ1S6T077 retails for around €634.

Other innovative household appliances will be awarded at the International CES trade show held in Las Vegas January 6-9. Nominees for "the best household appliance" so far include LG, Panasonic and Whirlpool.