This magazine is for everyone who has either obtained a place, or is still looking for a place in higher education this autumn. It is being published with The Independent on 19 August, and being sent to the home address of everybody who has applied for a place at university or college through UCAS. Some articles are aimed at all those who have a place. They offer information and advice on student finance, living on a tight budget, and coping practically, academically and emotionally with your new life at university or college.

Other articles are aimed at those who have not got the exam results they need for their firm or insurance offer - in other words they look at whether to go in to Clearing, whether to think of an alternative subject, or course, or qualification, or institution, or whether to take a year out and re- think study options.

For those who wish to go in to Clearing the magazine contains advertisements from institutions who will be delighted to hear from you. The first official list of vacancies on courses is being published in The Independent on Thursday 19 August, and at regular intervals thereafter. Although the question of what to do if you have not got the right grades is a big theme of this magazine, please do not assume that, simply because Which Way has been sent to your home address, your application has been rejected. It is being sent to all applicants on the UCAS computer, so that everyone gets the best possible range of information.

Please remember that if you receive confirmation of either your firm or insurance offer, then you are committed to take up this place. If you wish to re-apply to another institution, you must withdraw from the system and re-apply for 2000 entry. Whatever the status of your application, may I send you every good wish for the future, and hope that you achieve your goals.

TONY HIGGINS Chief Executive universities and colleges admissions service