When will I know if I have met the conditions of my firm and insurance choices?

If you are taking any of the following UK qualifications (A-levels, AS, GNVQ, Scottish Highers, CSYS, BTEC National Diploma/ Certificate, HND/HNC or International Baccalaureate), UCAS will automatically send your results to your firm and insurance choices. If you have met their conditions they will confirm this to UCAS, who in turn will send your AS12 Confirmation letter.

If you are taking other qualifications, such as an Access course or GCSE, then you need to let the universities have details of your results as soon as they are available.

What should I do if I have not met the conditions of the offers from my firm and insurance choices?

If you have narrowly missed the grades or any other conditions of the offers, the universities may still be able to offer you a place. You should contact the university directly for advice. UCAS will write to you as soon as they have received a decision from the universities concerned.

If neither your firm nor your insurance choice can confirm your offer, you will automatically be eligible for Clearing.

What is Clearing?

Clearing is the final opportunity for unplaced applicants to find a place on a course commencing in September or October 1999.

How does Clearing work?

All applicants who have not received a place are automatically sent their Clearing Entry Form (CEF). With this they can negotiate for a place at any university or college in the UCAS scheme.

How do I know where there are vacancies?

UCAS publishes vacancies on its website (www.ucas.ac.uk.), in The Independent, The Independent on Sunday, and on Ceefax page 700. The vacancy information is updated daily.

What do I do if I am offered a place in Clearing?

Before you accept an offer you must be certain that the course is the right one for you. If this is the case, you should give or send your CEF to the university admission staff so that your place can formally be confirmed. When you have done this, you will not be able to be considered for any other courses.

I do not have any offers. Can I have my Clearing Entry Form before I get my A-level results?

No, you must wait until your results are officially published on 19 August. The universities or colleges will need to know your results before they can consider you.

When I completed my original UCAS application form I included all my qualifications. Do I have to repeat this information on my CEF?

It is not necessary to provide A-level, AS, Scottish Higher or CSYS qualifications. Any other qualifications must he re-entered on your CEF.

When will my CEF be sent to me?

This will depend on your individual circumstances. If you are not holding any offers then it should be on its way to you shortly. Applicants studying GNVQ and National Diploma qualifications may have received them already.

If you are holding offers then you will only become eligible for Clearing if your places are not confirmed. The institutions are given time to consider your examination results. Most applicants will know whether their place has been confirmed by 31 August 1999.

Can I use my CEF to approach more than one institution at a time?

No, institutions can only consider you if you can provide your original CEF. Faxes or photocopies are not accepted.