What is it?

l It matches unplaced applicants with available places.

When does it start?

l Some activity from mid-July but things really hot up after the UK A-level results on 19 August.

Who is Clearing for?

l Applicants who did not receive any offers from their original form. l Applicants whose conditional offers were not confirmed.

l Applicants who apply after 30 June (11 June for Route B).

l Applicants who turn down an HND offer or a changed course offer.

How do I enter Clearing?

l If you need to enter Clearing UCAS will send you the appropriate information automatically.

How will I know what to do?

l UCAS will send you instructions with your Clearing information.

How does it work?

l UCAS will automatically send you a Clearing Entry Form (CEF) and once you have this you may contact institutions with vacancies.

What is Central Clearing?

l This allows applicants to send their Clearing form to UCAS for action, but remember it is far less likely to secure you a place than through Direct Clearing.

How do I know where there are vacancies?

l UCAS publishes vacancies on the Internet at www.ucas.ac.uk

Any tips?

l Act quickly but don't make hasty decisions.

l Get advice from your school, college, or careers adviser.

l Follow up as many vacancies as you can.

l Do everything yourself - it's your future.

l Find out as much as you can about courses and institutions before you commit yourself.