Who is the fairest of them all?

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Which celebrity has the most shrines on the Web? Using the Lycos, Yahoo and Altavista search engines, The Independent compiled this Top 10 ranking from a list of 50 mega-league media stars. The shrine addresses listed below are just examples, not necessarily the biggest or busiest ones

1 Tom Cruise The Zone: Tom Cruise http://www.thezone.pair.com/cruise/index.html html).

3 Elvis Presley

The Original Unofficial Elvis Home Page


4 Cindy Crawford

Drool's Cindy Crawford Page



5 Pamela Anderson

The Best of Pamela Anderson

http://www.doug-robinson.com/pamela/ index.html

6 Jennifer Aniston

The Jennifer Aniston Dedication Page

http://www.columbia.edu/jes81/jennifer/ 7 Jimi Hendrix

Digital Voodoo


Soon be moving to: http://www.jimi-hendrix.com 8 Marilyn Monroe

This Marilyn Monroe worship site claims more than 200,000 visitors in the past few months

http://absolut.sites.uiuc.edu/arch/m_index.html 9 Princess of Wales

Princess Diana Page

http://www.aquanet.co.il/web/bartal/diana1.html 10 Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson would be top of the list if we counted the number of anti-shrines attacking him. This is one shrine that dares to love him