Who spends pounds 500 on clothes in a day?: Keith Springer

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On a Saturday afternoon in Sloane Street money moves as relentlessly and devastatingly as molton lava. Keith Springer, 32, is going with the flow. He is a serious spender.

An ex-City commodity broker he now owns a restaurant in Fulham and he has an anxious, frazzled air about him.' I shop when I'm depressed and I'm usually depressed, you see I work all the time, all day and all night, I go to bed at 4am. I don't have a social life, this is my social life, ' he says, gesturing at the sports jackets and swirly ties.

Hermes ties are his greatest weakness and he's rifling through the racks with a practised eye. He already owns sixty and as fast as they reinvent them, he buys.

' If I go mad, I go really mad, around pounds 1,200 in a day. But it depends, it's so mood-based for me, I'm impulsive. I mean, if you're going to work 18 hours a day you've got to have satisfaction.' Satisfaction in the past has led to a gold credit card bill of pounds 14,000.' I used to use them all but now I've cut them up, all of them, now it's cash.' And he's certainly reining himself in nowadays. 'I wouldn't buy cufflinks here for pounds 1,500, the ones I've got on only cost pounds 600.'

His attention is caught by a vivacious printed silk waistcoat (pounds 490) but he's not sure because it's black and all his suits are blue. He tries it on with a bright tie, assesses it all in the icy bevelled mirrors. 'Now that's the dog's bollocks.'

He pulls out two pounds 50 notes and pays for the tie. He crosses the road and goes into Gucci where he spends pounds 130 on a belt.

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