Michael Heath is happy. He has just sold a a cartoon to Saatchis and he's in the designer menswear shop Jones in Covent Garden.

'It's my local,' he says. 'I'd never spend thousands, nah that's a crappy thing to do.'

He could however be pushed into spending pounds 587.50. Last season he bought a Jasper Conran suit and this season it might be another Conran.

'Look one of the things you have to learn in here is to look at all, all the price tags, the jacket might say pounds 587.50 but then there's the buttons and you want the arms ? Don't think I'm paranoid but it all adds up.'

He tries on the crumpled linen suit but he says 'I think we've had too much crumpled.'

At the tender age of 59 (almost pensionable and with all his own teeth) he has come to the conclusion that shopping is 'a crazy business, a bit like having bulimia or anorexia.'

' I need a drink,' he says.

(Photograph omitted)