Main claim

Lady Di of the late-Nineties. Sloane of the shalwar kameez. Jemima Khan, nee Goldsmith, was the society rich girlie who soared from jetset Sloanehood to Pakistan when she married cricket heart-throb, Imran Khan. Since then, she's been a superstar of the gossip columns, an east-west style ambassadress. Largely resident in Lahore, she is said to be buying property in London, since her older son Sulaiman will be kicking off his education with the best of British. Latest news is her collection of frocks will be shown at London Fashion Week for the first time. Is Jemima the new Stella?


Horse. Jane Seymour cross-bred with show-jumper. Prizewinning falcon in blonde wig. Dani Behr meets Princess Michael of Kent.

Princess Jemima

Our heroine, 25, enjoyed an upbringing to match the least subtle Eighties blockbuster. She was born to billionaire Sir James Goldsmith and Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart, of "swinging" club Annabel's fame, when both were married to other people. Brought up in a mansion beside Richmond Park, a Burgundy chateau and Mexican palacio, our heroine trails a babe/boho trustafarian vibe. While at Bristol University, was swept off her feet by Imran, abandoning both her degree and her plunging necklines.


Since her marriage, she has embraced Islam, stood meekly behind her husband and produced two heirs. She has faced accusations in Pakistan of smuggling, supported Khan's political aspirations and mucked in with the rellies in Lahore. She has also thrust the shalwar kameez upon our consciousnesses. Just who is writing this soap?


Jemima graces our shores a touch too often for a devout resident in Pakistan. Strange, that. Love-god Imran is frequently pictured unsmiling with the wraith-like mother-of-two. Would it be churlish to suggest all is not easy-peasy lemon-squeezy in Lahore ?

Fame prospects

Jemima could become a happy, dress-making Muslim mother of six - and still come over celeby. Or she could base herself in Blighty while Andrew Morton pens his masterpiece, Jemima.