Jacques Villeneuve
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Main claim

Formula One whiz kid. Some blond garcon who zooms around the race tracks and seems pretty good at it. There are two problemettes with our hero's fame, however. Firstly, he sounds too much like that Sixties Villeneuve chappie who "discovered" Twiggy. And secondly, we're really interested only because buck-toothed chanteuse Dannii Minogue has propelled him into front-page tabloid fame by canoodling with him in a bikini. An "onlooker" commented of this latest merging of boring old sport and Hello!-style excitement: "She had him in her sights and wouldn't let go." Oh, and it seems has also been known to win a Formula One World Championship in his time.


Gormless member of boy band. Promotable young artist with groovy gallery and "intellectual" glasses. Nerd-turned-"crazy" grunge star who's mad for it and everything else. Chess prodigy meets Robbie Williams.

Boy racer

The precocious genius in question was born in Quebec, Canada, and is the son of the Formula One legend Gilles Villeneuve. Villeneuve Senior died in 1982 when he crashed his car. Like his father, attended Racing Drivers' school, and eventually became Formula One World Champion in 1997.

Message in a bottle

Single since last year, 27-year-old famously peroxided his hair, thus turning average spod looks into alarming tabloid pin-up fodder. With his radical hair-don't and large female following, he is deemed something of a catch for the sister of the more famous Kylie. Naturally, is a multi-millionaire and lives in Monaco. He was reported as telling the Sun: "Of course, driving a car isn't better than sex. Being with women is a very important part of my life. Women throw themselves at me." We're glad that's cleared up, then.

Fame prospects

"Being champion is my target," says the boy racer. With an Unofficial Anti- Villeneuve Club on the net, our hero is bound to go far. Who cares about some old Grand Prix? Let's have Kylie singing at the OK!- sponsored wedding, and then we'll all be happy.