Alexandra Aitken
Main claim

Daughter of an imprisoned MP. Alexandra Aitken is "famous" purely for two things: her paternity and some enthusiastic stints of self-promotion. As we know, disgraced former Tory minister Jonathan Aitken is detained at Her Majesty's pleasure on a mere matter of perjury and perverting the course of justice. Suddenly, a bevy of debatable beauties is hatched. Twins Alexandra and Victoria and their secret half-sister Petrina Khashoggi zealously embark upon a career as It Girls, partying, speaking to celebrity magazines, and sharing their feelings about Daddy. That's about it. Now Alexandra is gracing Esquire's Dream Cars Dream Girls Calendar 2000. The giddy heights.


Puppy-fat-faced teen. Victoria Aitken in vamp make-up minus the county frocks. Petrina Khashoggi's less pretty sister. Half-baked Brookside babe on a night out on the town.

Fine art

Alexandra is a party-loving, public school-educated 19-year-old. Her twin is somewhat quieter. And there the story may have ended if it hadn't been for Daddy's bout of naughtiness. Alexandra has given Tara P-T a run for her money in the fame by association stakes. Alexandra has also recently discovered she is a sculptress. "I use the modelling money to buy my sculpture materials," she explains. Of her appearance in a calendar also featuring Melinda Messenger and Jordan, she comments: "Daddy will think it's really, really cool." Wicked, Ali.

Double trouble

At around the same time of the paternal imprisonment, a simply fascinating secret emerged. Not only had MP Aitken fathered the delightful twins, but he had also sired another publicity-happy young lovely, Miss Khashoggi. Cue for public explanations, revelations, and photo shoots as the girls helpfully filled us in on assorted filial feelings. Oh bless. Oh yes.

Fame prospects

The sisters have stormed the public consciousness and have carved a career as the world's most irritating trio after the Beverly Sisters. Alexandra on her Esquire portrait: "I can't wait to go to the pub so that all my male friends can go, `Phwooar, we never knew you could look like that.'" Long live those Aitkens.